Ryan C. Walker
Films Reel Breakdown

1)Key-frame animation on the horse. The driver and boys were mo-cap clean-up.

2)Key-frame animation of robot in shots. Boy's face and hands key-framed, along with robot

3)Key-frame animation of flying characters, with lip sync on Tomar. Mo-cap clean-up on Ryan

4)Key-frame animation. Rig created by Chad Vernon.

5)Key-frame animation and lip sync on Tomar.

6)Key-framed both background characters Kilowog and Tomar. Mo-cap clean-up on Ryan
Reynolds. Added camera shake.

7)Key-frame animation on Milo's face lip-sync and on all character's hands constraining them
across multiple splits, mo-cap clean-up for all characters bodies.

8-13)Motion-capture clean-up on following shots, with key-frame animation on faces and
hands, as well as on bodies where motion capture didn't work or needed alteration.